Part Exchange

If you’re looking to sell your car today then you should consider opting for a car part exchange. A car part exchange involves trading your old car for a new car; it enables you to cut out the unnecessary hassle and expense of operating both cars until you’re able to find a buyer for your old car. Opting for a car part exchange also allows you to put the value of your old car towards the cost of your new car.

At Veloce Autos we’re able to provide you with a free car valuation based on over 18 years experience in the industry. Unlike some companies, we don’t guarantee a minimum part exchange valuation, the car valuation we do provide is generated using the very latest pricing data and will represent current market conditions. You can request your free part exchange valuation even if you’re not looking to part ex your car and simply want to sell your car today.

If you’re happy with the price we offer, then we will buy your car today. When we value your car in preparation for a car part exchange there are a number of factors that are taken in to consideration, such as vehicle age, specification, condition and mileage. Having a full service history is also something we look for when we value your car; although not essential, it may increase the price we offer for your car. It’s also important to ensure you have a valid V5 (vehicle registration document) as by law we are unable to buy your car without it. If you’re looking to part ex your car and you don’t have a V5 document you may be able to obtain one by contacting the DVLA; it’s best to do this before requesting your free car valuation.

If you’re happy with your free car valuation and choose to go ahead with a car part exchange, it’s simply a case of completing the relevant paper work and swapping the keys; all this is possible within hours of receiving a valuation for your car. If you’re simply selling your car to us and don’t wish to do a car part ex, it’s as simple as accepting our offer and completing the paperwork; again this can be down within a matter of hours.